Let’s do it again, that we can really help Big Rob.

Unfortunately, we still lack a significant amount to save his life.
We will not give up and ask everyone to help.

Look at the account balances in the pictures. To date, 2,768.86 euros have
come together. We must all stand together and continue to fight for Rob.

Do not let Rob down, be there and motivate others to support our brother.

For this we would like to remember to the unique

Charity Event
on 23.02.2019, from 16.00 clock
in the Biker’s Bar, in
Scholvinstr. 12, 30159 Hannover (Steintor)

with LIVE circuit to Cape Town.

In the Biker’s Bar you will get live music, DJ, mulled wine, cold drinks, hot
food and a big raffle with one

Harley Davidson as the jackpot.

Join in and support in saving Rob’s life.

For those who can not attend, here are the possibilities of donations:


Please click the link, click on “Participate” and donate. With just a few
clicks and a few seconds, you have helped him save Big Rob.

Bank Transfer:

Charity Big Rob
IBAN: DE31 2519 0001 0800 7837 00
Bank: Hannoversche Volksbank

Please remember, every euro counts and supports our Rob.

We count on you and look forward to everyone who comes to the event.

We call upon you to share this message on as many channels as possible with
as many people as possible so that we can help our brother Big Rob and save his

Your Frank 818